It is very important for players to square up every shooting time. That means you ought to point both toes sets due to they are towards ahead at hoop after that align hip as long as your direction is in front of and parallel with the hoop. You will get a more exact shot when squaring up, in case you know how to follow the exact fundamental shooting techniques.


Remember to stop the dribbling action for taking the ball in your both hands then squaring up to the hoop, once you are ready for taking your shot. Your pick-up step needs to be practiced more as long as you can take the last dribble as well as turn the hip in a fluid motion.

Which hand is your dominant one? That is the shooting hand which you utilize to write and dribble as comfortable as possible. To have the best result, you have to keep tightly your shooting elbow and hip in such a way that the bottom of the balanced ball is kept on your finger-tips. What you have to do is that blending your knees combines with using chin and crouching for bringing ball up.

You must focus your whole power on the shooting hand but it has to still be enough to stabilize and balance ball with another hand that means another hand touches another side of ball gently especially it had better be focused the entire power on.

If you would like to practice the shot motion better, let you keep the ball when laying on the ground then holding it straight up by your dominant hand. Also, you ought to practice more so that how to roll the backspin ball straight up into air some inches better. Remember that it must come back into right your hand


Once the ball is in a suitable shooting position, let you extend the shooting elbow straight forward and up and roll wrist forward. It seems to be you are trying to take something in quite a high position. Don’t stop here, it is very important for you to go on extending the shooting arm to shoot up and down. The purpose of this is toward the hoop. When one of your arms is extended to end, it is time for you to do a ball pop forward. Just release it when rolling backward.


Do you know how to have the additional power for your shot?  All of what you have to do is crouch down then pop up your shot by legs. Unlike the step above, once your hand expands to the highest position, let you jump slightly by means of expanding legs after in order to put a few extra power into your shot.


You are just allowed to jump straight up in place of jumping forward and toward the hoop. Don’t forget to pay attention this more due to that is one of the common mistakes of most of the beginner players.

In the event of free-throws, you just need to shoot without jumping. However, most of the shots are performed by jumping so it is very difficult to shoot the ball into hoop when only utilizing the arm strength.


Actually, it is very hard to say but in fact, most of your first shooting couples may likely clang off the backboard or rim loudly. However, it’s ok because there are no any shots easily so you need to practice more. I know it is quite difficult to determine correctly where the red square on the backboard or the hoop’s top – the aim is. In event of beginners, it may be useful to think that there is a balanced tiny coin in front of the rim’s lip that means you are trying to knock the ball off by your shot.

You shouldn’t put your aim too high, let you practice your eyes with the shot’s sight picture lower that means you ought to aim more at the rim. In case, your shot is lower, you should change the way you practice in such a way that you are aiming at the rim’s back due to this connects to the backboard.

In a word, shooting will be easier, if you do the right steps above. If the best scope for ar 15 is an indispensable item in hunting sport, practice for shooting the ball is the most important process in basketball. As you see, how it is essential and important with this kind of sport.